Academic Enrichment Programs

We offer a variety of academic enrichment programs:
Public Speaking, Debate, Critical Reading and Creative Writing, English Writing, Shakespeare and his World, The Great Books of the Western World, French Language, Math, Science, Computer Programming, and more.  


Miss Costa

Fun Science

Web Development

Mr. Boldrin

Elementary Math

Ms. Chang

Shakespeare and His World

Dr. Gayford

Public Speaking& Writing

Miss Malek

Critical Reading & Creative Writing

Mr. Wood

High School Science

Medieval History, Culture, Literature

Dr. Gayford


Ms. Jaffri

Academic Writing

Dr. Sheridan

Public Speaking & Writing

Dr. Hancock

Public Speaking

Dr. Tye

Bridging Science

Game Development

Mr. Boldrin

High School Math

Mr. Wang

The Great Books of the Western World

Dr. Friesen

Public Speaking& Writing

Mr. Quesnel

English Writing

Dr. Stanley

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