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The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the wide-ranging and arguably all-encompassing field of politics. It will serve to prepare potential future political scientists, philosophers, and social activists; inform the leaders and citizens of a better tomorrow. You do not need prior experience or knowledge, just please be prepared to think and speak! Participation is highly recommended. While this will be an online course with an emphasis on discussion, dialogue, and discourse, students should have a pen/pencil & paper ready for every class.


  • Climate change & pollution Human rights

  • War & conflict Elections & electoral systems

  • Unemployment & poverty Government (parties, systems, regimes)

  • Food scarcity 

  • Education

  • Water Technology

  • Inequality Gun control

  • Health International Law & Justice

Politics and Global Issues

Instructor: Mr. Bryan Lee (PhD Candidate)  Schedule: Friday 7:00-8:30pm (EST)

关注全球时事,了解政治, 培养严谨思辨能力, 提高批判性思维

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