Mr. Andrew Wood is a teacher with decades spent in front of students, having taught young people from Kindergarten to Grade 12. He retired from the TDSB in 2019 after many years of teaching a wide range of subjects at all elementary grades, including extensive experience as both an Immersion and Core French teacher.

​Mr. Wood’s qualifications include an Honours B.A. (University of Ottawa); a Master of Fine Arts (New York University) and a Bachelor of Education (University of Toronto). In addition to these academic degrees he is also a longtime member of Toastmasters International, spending many years in leadership positions and holding the title of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

Mr. Wood has had a close association with Wells Academy since its start-up. Among the many courses he has taught at Wells Academy are Critical Reading and Creative Writing for Gr.3-4, Gr.5-6 and Gr.7-9 students; French for Beginner and Intermediate students; Public Speaking; “Write Right in English” and “Boost Your Speaking Power” for adult learners.

​Mr. Wood believes in actively engaging his students as much as possible, as well as in using a variety of education technologies, with the goal to promote among his students both a love of learning and a commitment to try their best.

Public Speaking, Critical Reading &Creative Writing, French