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Ms. Allison Birch

Allison Birch holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Honors), Master’s Degree in Natural Resource Management and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Manitoba. Ms. Birch has always had a passion for creative writing, learning and teaching. Throughout her university studies she worked as an academic writing tutor and was a sessional instructor for an introductory University academic writing course (ARTS 1110). She has also been a teaching assistant for numerous environmental science and geography classes ranging from 1000 level to 4000 level courses.

Since 2017 Ms. Birch has enjoyed working as a part time online English teacher and tutor for students learning English or wanting to improve their English language skills. Since joining Wells Academy in the Fall of 2021 Allison has thoroughly enjoyed teaching Public Speaking and Creative Writing classes and Critical Reading and Creative Writing classes for Levels 1-2 and Levels 3-4.

Ms. Birch enjoys encouraging her students to express themselves in their writing and speaking. She listens to her students interests and passions and includes fun activities that further their engagement, participation and enjoyment in the class. Ms. Birch is passionate about fostering student’s creativity, imagination and their curiosity for learning.


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