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Academic Writing

The Academic Writing program aims to help students improve their academic writing through assignments and learning activities that emphasize logical organization, stylistic clarity, and grammatical precision. These skills will be developed as students read and analyze texts from different genres, such as print and visual media, short stories, and novels.


We will learn how to analyze literature and interact with the historical and cultural discourses literary texts engage. Students will be introduced to various schools of literary criticism from which they can approach a text, and they will apply these theories to conduct literary analyses of their own. We will cover the basic elements of the essay (thesis statement, topic sentences, paragraph structure, as well as grammar and style) and explore how these are adapted in different types of academic essays (such as expository, narrative, persuasive, etc.). We will also devote time to honing the process of planning, preparing, and writing an academic essay in order to better engage with a topic, think critically about it, find a perspective and opinion on it, and present that perspective to the readers in a clear and logical way.

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