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Ms. Ifra Jaffri

Ms. Ifrah Jaffri received her Bachelor of Engineering degree from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan in 2014 and masters in applied sciences degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in 2020. Ifrah is a passionate educator by profession and has nearly 8 years of STEM teaching experience. She is always excited about working with kids, especially about girls getting into coding and STEM-related careers. She has very much enjoyed her engineering career and hopes that with her STEM teaching, she can encourage more kids to learn and enjoy computer science and engineering.
The idea of creating an easy, visual way of learning the basics of computer science came to her when her young cousins were in elementary school. She noticed that like many other kids their age, they were not keen on technology-related matters. The school curriculum lacked a structured discipline for teaching computer science-related topics unlike other subjects such as Math, Science, or History.

Dr. Wil Friesen

Dr. Wil Friesen has been teaching for over 20 years at the university, college and high school levels, teaching everything from ancient history and literature right through to cutting edge Science Fiction and Fantasy, though he earned his Ph.D. in medieval literatures. He has also taught various writing, university preparation and public speaking courses. In addition, he has served as Vice President of an academy, Director of a university writing centre, and Chair of a university academic standards committee. He loves spending time with his wife and three daughters, teaching, reading, hiking, camping, traveling and fishing.

Mr. Andrew Wood

Mr. Andrew Wood is a teacher with decades spent in front of students, having taught young people from Kindergarten to Grade 12. He retired from the TDSB in 2019 after many years of teaching a wide range of subjects at all elementary grades, including extensive experience as both an Immersion and Core French teacher.

Mr. Wood’s qualifications include an Honours B.A. (University of Ottawa); a Master of Fine Arts (New York University) and a Bachelor of Education (University of Toronto). In addition to these academic degrees he is also a longtime member of Toastmasters International, spending many years in leadership positions and holding the title of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

Mr. Wood has had a close association with Wells Academy since its start-up. Among the many courses he has taught at Wells Academy are Critical Reading and Creative Writing for Gr.3-4, Gr.5-6 and Gr.7-9 students; French for Beginner and Intermediate students; Public Speaking; “Write Right in English” and “Boost Your Speaking Power” for adult learners.

Mr. Wood believes in actively engaging his students as much as possible, as well as in using a variety of education technologies, with the goal to promote among his students both a love of learning and a commitment to try their best.

Dr. Neil Stanley

Dr. Neil Stanley is a passionate educator with nearly a decade of classroom experience. Whether leading seminars and lectures in University, discussing literature and writing techniques with primary age children or providing one on one tutoring, Dr. Stanley is comfortable in a wide range of academic settings.

Dr. Stanley received his Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Guelph in 2011, his Master of Arts in History from Western University in 2012 and his Doctor of Philosophy in History from Western University in 2017. His research deals with sports, communal identity and the legacy of deindustrialization.

Dr. Stanley has been working at Wells Academy since 2018. He currently teaches Critical Reading and writing courses for Grade 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending long hours researching film history, snuggling with his dogs Buddy and Daisy, and composing songs on his guitar.

Miss Ashley Costa

Ashley is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto studying Peace, Conflict and Justice, which is an interdisciplinary look at various global issues through the lens of political science and sociology. At Wells Academy, she offers courses in Debate strategies and skills. Over the past six years, she has been involved in debate at both the high school and university level. In high school, she helped co-head her school’s debate team. She continued on and joined the Hart House debate team at UofT, giving her experience both debating and judging university competitions. Currently, she is on the Hart House debate executive. She runs weekly meetings and mentors new debaters joining for the first time, or transitioning from high school debate. Furthermore, she helps to run volunteer debating outreach through her school with members of the community and enjoys helping to spread her love of debating.

Miss Kathryn Malek

Kathryn Malek is an Ontario Certified Teacher and is certified as a Primary Junior Instructor. Kathryn has also instructed students in the arts. She has taught students at Young Peoples Theatre, Little Fingers Music and Theatre Aurora.

Miss Malek’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Education degree from Queens University. She also studied drama at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York and Film Production at Ryerson University. Miss Malek has written two plays and is a published author. She is also a Certified Life Coach.

Since joining Wells Academy in 2020, Miss Malek has instructed the Level 1/2 Speaking and Writing Courses and the Level 3/4 Speaking and Writing Courses.

Miss Malek enjoys encouraging her students to express themselves through writing and speaking. Being able to express oneself is an extraordinary gift and skill that will benefit students for their entire lives.

Dr. Matthew Gayford

Dr. Matthew Gayford has been teaching history, English literature, political science, and writing for over seven years at the secondary, post-secondary, and senior primary levels. He has extensive online teaching and tutoring experience, is a professional editor and copywriter, and continues to pursue historical research. He is currently writing a book on British colonialism in eighteenth century India. Dr. Gayford has a PhD in history from the University of Waterloo, a MA in Medieval Studies (English and history) from the Center for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, a MA in political science from Tel Aviv University, and a BA in history and English from the University of Western Ontario. He is happy to take on individual students for help with writing and literary analysis, and also offers creative writing and essay composition workshops and courses. He also teaches courses on Shakespeare and medieval literature, and tutors and teaches students preparing for Advances Placement history exams.

Dr. Jordan Sheridan

Dr. Maren Hancock

Dr. Hancock is a certified Speech Arts and Drama instructor with diplomas from both the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Mount Royal Conservatory of Music, in addition to a doctorate in humanities from York University. She has taught public speaking and writing at secondary and post-secondary levels for approximately twenty years. Dr. Hancock’s main goal as an instructor is to empower students with a positive belief in their capacities to learn and improve while encouraging them to channel their creative troubleshooting skills. Her commitment to excellence as an instructor includes a responsibility towards preparedness; a thorough understanding of course learning outcomes; and a commitment to fairness and equity. The ultimate goal that she strives to achieve via these practices is to impart to students the tools, such as digital literacy and strong research, writing, and oral communication skills, to empower themselves academically, and beyond.

Mr. Daniel Boldrin

Mr. Daniel Boldrin is a teacher who is currently finishing his second degree in Game Programming at George Brown. His interest in teaching game programming began in 2012 during his first Bachelor’s degree in System Analysis and Development, where he had the opportunity to mentor other students and participate in system accessibility scientific research.

Mr. Boldrin has participated in several web-system development projects focused on .NET Web Development for a few companies, where he developed his DevOps and Full-Stack experience extensively. He has a passion for video games since as a kid and has been teaching programming languages, game design, modeling, and animation since 2017.

His hobbies include playing the guitar, drawing sketches, and creating independent games.

Dr. Curtis Tye

Curtis is an award-winning educator, arts facilitator, and public speaking instructor and coach.
Originally from Toronto, Curtis holds a doctoral degree from the University of Toronto (OISE),
with his thesis focused on crafting public persona in educational leadership. He is a speaking arts
professional trained in classical theatre, children’s performance, and voice with a 35-year career
as an actor, director, and owner of theatre companies in both Ontario and Alberta.
Curtis was a classroom teacher, arts and assessment & evaluation consultant, and school
principal. In addition to published work on teaching and learning and the arts in education, Curtis
conducts research with members of Brock University’s Social Justice Research Institute. He
frequently leads classes in Spoken Word Poetry and Dramatic Arts with local non-profit
organizations, and presently teaches courses in Drama in Education and Sports in Arts and
Culture at university.

Mr. Frank Wang

Mr. Wang has a Master of Engineering degree from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. He is a teacher with over ten years of experience at Chinese universities and further years of experience in teaching Mathematics and Physics in Ontario high schools. He enjoys teaching and has a passion for these subjects.

Mr Wang's professional knowledge is solid, and his teaching style is rigorous yet cordial. He emphasizes cultivating students' STEM thinking ability, and can help students to understand the key points of a topic from multiple perspectives. He is quite good at recognizing students’ strengths and weaknesses and has the ability to tailor individualized lessons to the students’ learning styles.

​Mr. Wang’s vision is to combine the teaching characteristics and knowledge systems of Canada and China; to teach students in accordance with their aptitudes, and to help them to acquire strong logical and dialectical thinking skills while mastering the required curriculum.

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