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Ms. Alisha Grech

Alisha Grech is a writer, performer, and academic based out of Toronto, Ontario. For the past several years, Alisha has instructed students in the arts and served as the educational lead for a children’s live entertainment company, working with brands such as Treehouse, Nickelodeon, and YTV.
Alisha graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Drama and Philosophy, as well, she is the recipient of a certificate in Theatre Direction from Yale University. Most recently, she has completed her Master's at the University of Toronto in Performance Studies and is currently completing her Ph.D., as well, at the University of Toronto. Alisha is also the recipient of the Shane Baghai Fellowship in English Literature.
Alisha considers herself to be a lifelong learner and enjoys learning alongside her students. To her, reading and writing are some of the most foundational ways that we can connect with the world around us.

Ms. Grech

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