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Dr. Maren Hancock

Dr. Hancock is a certified Speech Arts and Drama instructor with diplomas from both the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Mount Royal Conservatory of Music, in addition to a doctorate in humanities from York University. She has taught public speaking and writing at secondary and post-secondary levels for approximately twenty years. Dr. Hancock’s main goal as an instructor is to empower students with a positive belief in their capacities to learn and improve while encouraging them to channel their creative troubleshooting skills. Her commitment to excellence as an instructor includes a responsibility towards preparedness; a thorough understanding of course learning outcomes; and a commitment to fairness and equity. The ultimate goal that she strives to achieve via these practices is to impart to students the tools, such as digital literacy and strong research, writing, and oral communication skills, to empower themselves academically, and beyond.

Dr. Maren Hancock

Dr. Hancock's Teaching Schedule
Gr.4-6 Public Speaking and Writing Sat. 3:30-5:00

Gr.7-9 Public Speaking and Writing Sat. 10:00-11:30

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