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​Online Education

Wells Academy provides quality learning experiences to students – even during the current COVID-19 situation. At the beginning of pandemic, Wells Academy successfully migrated the whole school to our virtual education model. 

Our online distance programs are provided through Zoom, which provide the best possible live learning experience. Each lesson is live, interactive and led by professional teachers. All of our class materials and homework are organized and distributed through Google Drive and can be accessible to both parents and students.

Prepare for Online Learning

Before class,  parents and students should follow these steps to avoid unnecessary  problems.

  • Go to to install the necessary software.

  • To forestall loss of power, ensure the charged status of the student’s computer or tablet before class begins.

  • Whenever possible, prioritize keeping the home environment quiet during class times.

  • Our policy is that the student’s Zoom cameras should be on during class so that the teacher can see the student at all times.

  • The display name on Zoom must be the full name of the student who signed up for the class. Classes are limited to students who have signed up.

  • In order to ensure the smooth progress of our courses, from time to time Wells Academy admin staff will visit the virtual classrooms to monitor the proceedings.

  • It is important that parents supervise their children's performance. Please ensure that they complete their homework assignments and submit them on Google Drive to the teacher as required.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting with Meeting ID and Passcode

Windows | Mac

  1. Open the Zoom Client or visit

  2. Click Join a Meeting

  3. Enter the meeting ID number and your display name

  4. Enter the passcode.

  5. Select to connect audio and video and click Join.

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