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Jay's Parent

Miss Malek’s Gr.1-2 Speaking and Writing Program is the first academic enrichment program I have ever put my son in. I was not sure if Jay would like it or not, or if this program would actually help him or not. The good news is after the first trial lesson, Jay told me that he wanted to stay in Miss Malek’s class. I was pleasantly surprised. Through the course material and sometimes the lesson playback, I could tell that this teacher has truly put her heart into helping young kids to improve their interest and confidence in all aspects of English. No wonder Jay and other little kids in the class are always in such a good learning spirit.

Leo's Parent

因为疫情原因在美国的我们才有机会知道加拿大的威斯学院。从去年三月到现在,我孩子已经在威斯学院的ZOOM 课堂学习了一年时间。他在威斯上过的课程包括:Dr. Stanley 的English Writing, Dr. Tye 的Public Speaking, Ms. Costa 的Debate, Ms. Chang 的数学等。可以说每一位老师都是那么认真负责,对孩子们都非常耐心细致,给到很多的启发和引导。老师们给到Leo 很多的肯定和鼓励,也给到他很多的发挥和成长空间。同时威斯学院友善活泼的课堂氛围让孩子在学习的同时结识了不少有共同爱好的小伙伴。非常感谢威斯学院的两位真正在意教育品质的校长,感谢学校每一位博学又擅于引导学生的老师。祝大家牛年快乐!希望大家都健康平安。

Perry's Parent

My son has been taking programs with Wells Academy long before the pandemic hit Toronto. Ever since the pandemic started, my son has been taking Wells Academy’s online program after school.
I am always impressed with the school’s high calibre of its teaching team, its teaching philosophy of cultivating 4C’s in students, and its timely communication with students and parents.
I am pleased to see that my son gets to explore his potential and enjoys learning with the guidance and help from teachers at Wells Academy.
All the best to all the educators who are knowledgeable and dedicated in helping our next generation

Amelia's Parent

I signed my daughter up for Dr. Tye's Pulic Speaking program, as she always felt nervous to speak in front of others. After three lessons with Dr. Tye, Amelia was already smiling and presenting in front of her classmates in Zoom. She definitely still has a long way to go to become more confident and effective in public speaking, but I am already so proud of the progress she is making. Dr. Tye's expertise in leadership and passion in public speaking has been such a positive influence on Amelia and the entire class. Thank you!

Audrey's Parent

谢谢威斯学院的老师,尤其是Mr. Wood. 自2020年3月的第一波网课以来我孩子就跟着Mr. Wood 上课,每次课结束就盼着下次课。孩子上完课跟我讲Mr. Wood 课堂上的用书,也同我讲她自己打算写的东西。好的老师启发孩子,引导孩子,使孩子感受到了读写的乐趣,也享受到了创作的自由和快乐。我女儿是一个内心非常丰富的孩子;在老师的引导下,她才能自信自如地把自己丰富的感情和想象力以文字方式表达出来。感谢威斯学院用心又专业的老师,让孩子能够快乐地学习和真正地提升!

Elizabeth's Parent

Since the beginning of Gr. 4, Elizabeth has been taking Gr.4-6 English Writing program with Dr. Stanley. With his guidance and encouragement, she has finished reading more than ten chapter books and even reread some of them quite many times. Elizabeth loves every single book Dr. Stanley uses in his class or recommends to students. I am just so thrilled that my child is making such progress in reading meaningful and thought-provoking books.
In addition to Dr. Stanley’s English Writing program, Elizabeth also likes Ms. Costa’s Debate program. She has also told me that she would like to try the Python Coding program at Wells Academy. What’s better than seeing your child take initiative in learning and enjoy trying new subjects? I owe it to the wonderful teachers at Wells Academy.

Aiden's Parent

My son Aiden has taken various English programs taught by Mr. Wood, Dr. Stanley and Dr. Friesen, and Math programs taught by Ms. Chang and Mr. Wang in the past 12 months or so. He has always been eager to join the class, share with us the excitement after the fun and engaging lessons, and complete the homework assigned by teachers at Wells. Kudos to teachers at Wells Academy who do have the magic of sparking students’ interest and inspiring kids to better themselves.

Michael's Parent

My son came to Canada four years ago. Despite being a gifted kid, he did not have the confidence in English writing, as English is not his first language. Ever since he joined Mr. Wood’s Gr.7-9 Critical Reading and Creative Writing class in September 2019, I could tell his increased interest in reading and writing, thanks to the books that Mr. Wood has selected for the class, the meaningful reading response questions and discussions, and all the creative writing tasks that Mr. Wood has designed. The very specific and encouraging comments the teacher often left on Michael’s submitted work also means a lot to us. I am thankful for what Mr. Wood and Wells Academy have done for my kid. I have recommended Wells Academy to many friends in the hope that their kids will also benefit from the various wonderful programs that the school offers.

Louisa's Parent

Upon my friend’s recommendation, I contacted Wells Academy located in Toronto. With 19 hours difference between Sydney and Toronto, it’s a little challenging to find a course and time slot that will work for us. With the very patient and professional help and guidance from Ms. Zeng, I am happy to see that my daughter is now joining Wells Academy’s Critical Reading and Creative Writing Zoom classroom with kids in Canada and the United States. What a wonderful experience!

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