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Public Speaking & Debate

How would you show your best work in doing school assignments and projects?

How would you demonstrate your leadership talent in different activities?

How would you perform excellently in future interviews?

How would you communicate with your classmates and teachers efficiently?

The public speaking programs at Wells Academy aim to maximize your capability of being confident and discover your great talents!

Our Public Speaking programs focus on developing confident and competent public speakers. Students will engage in specific learning activities geared to improve their planning and writing abilities, along with performance techniques that are personalized to each individual. Weekly speech delivery in our online class will include ongoing support and guidance essential to fostering outstanding speech and debate presentation skills for all students.

Our debate Programs focus on the fundamentals of debating, including argumentation, public speaking, critical thinking, and research. Students will learn how to construct persuasive arguments, engage in civil discourse, and apply debate skills to real-world situations.

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