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About Wells Academy


Over the past few years, our co-founders, Dr. Joy Zhao and Ms. Jenny Zeng, have been asked numerous times by education ministry officers, student parents, and friends why they wanted to create and expand Wells Academy, which requires much more hard work than simply working as teacher. The short answer is that they both have the passion for education, and they want to make a difference. The establishment of Wells Academy was inspired by their expertise in the field of education and their extensive teaching experiences over the last two decades in China and in Canada. As a matter of fact, Joy obtained her Ph.D. in Second Language Education from the University of Toronto; Jenny is an Ontario certified Math and Computer Science teacher.

Wells Academy was initially built on Joy and Jenny's professional knowledge and teaching experiences. At Wells Academy we believe that education is not just about teaching subject knowledge, it is more about recognizing every student’s unique linguistic and cultural background, personal interest and ability. It is about supporting students to achieve academic excellence in elementary and secondary school education and grow to become responsible, caring, and contributing members of the society.

​When we started our first course in Public Speaking at our campus in Markham on June 10, 2017, there were about 10 students. Today, we have students from across Canada, from the US, from China- and even from Australia- enrolled in our Public Speaking, English Writing, English Literature, French, Math, Science and Coding and Game Design programs. In addition to elementary education, Wells Academy has the authority to offer Ontario high school courses and issue Ontario Secondary School Diploma to students who have completed all the requirements. Currently, during the pandemic, we have expanded our elementary and secondary enrichment, standardized test preparation, and lifelong learning programs. We are proud to provide a safe and encouraging learning environment, fostering academic excellence and self confidence in our students.


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Dr. Joy Zhao

PhD (University of Toronto)

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Ms. Jenny Zeng

OCT, M.A.Sc(University of Waterloo)

​Our Teachers

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